INSPYRE 2024: From quantum foundations to artificial intelligence


Modern physics serves as a potent tool for comprehending the intricacies of our world – from the microscopic aspects of the Universe to the myriad technological applications, the ongoing revolution in quantum computing, and the advancements in artificial intelligence. Are you prepared to grasp the key that unlocks the mysteries of knowledge?


Throughout the program, participants will immerse themselves in the laboratory environment from morning to evening. They will engage in various lectures covering modern physics, take part in debates, and challenge themselves in interactive activities and experiments. Through these experiences, they will delve into the forefront of physics research, exploring topics such as quantum mechanics, particle accelerators and detectors, artificial intelligence, and the practical applications of physics in society.

The school program will be based on lectures, debates and experimental working groups guided by passionate and competent researchers, which will allow to experience the world of physics research firsthand. Students will be involved for a total of 36 hours over the week.




Directors of the school

Catalina Curceanu 
Adriana Postiglione – INSPYRE responsible for Rome Technopole


Scientific Committee

Susanna Bertelli (INFN – LNF)

Fabio Bossi (INFN – LNF Director)

Catalina Curceanu (INFN – LNF)

Alessandra Filippi (INFN – Torino)

Tommaso Marchi (INFN – LNL)

Marisa Michelini (GIREP President)

Adriana Postiglione (INFN – LNF)

Sascha Schmeling (CERN Section Leader for Teacher and Student Programmes)


Organizing Committee

Sara Arnone

Susanna Bertelli

Debora Bifaretti

Elena Patrignanelli

Adriana Postiglione

Sara Reda

Elisa Santinelli

The 2024 edition of INSPYRE will be held at the Frascati National Laboratory (LNF) in Frascati, a small town near Rome (Italy).  

How to reach the National Laboratory of Frascati (LNF) 

As regards nearby accommodation solutions, LNF has an account with “Hotel Villa Mercede”: the cost for students is 70 euros + 2 euros of tourist tax per person per night in multiple room, breakfast and shuttle service (hotel-LNF-hotel) included. The cost for single rooms, whose availability must be assessed at the time of booking, is 100 euros + 2 euros of tourist tax per person per night, breakfast and shuttle service (hotel-LNF-hotel) included. 

Students will provide for the payment of travel expenses, accommodation and dinners.  

Lunches and the social dinner are covered by LNF. 



The INSPYRE School can be attended by Italian and foreign high school students who are 16 years of age or older and in their final two years.

Deadline for applications for the 2024 edition of the INSPYRE school is now postponed to December 15th.

Applications must be submitted by a professor/school director supporting their students’ candidacy by filling out an appropriate form for each student.  

The form will require two documents to be attached:  

  1. 1. A motivation letter (max 1 page) written by candidate themselves describing the reasons why they want to participate in the INSPYRE school 
  2. 2. A recommendation letter (max 1 page) written by a teacher or the school director, describing the reasons why the candidate is worthy of participating in the school 

Applications which contain documents longer than one page will not be taken into consideration.  

Possession of an English language certification B2 or equivalent, although not mandatory, is highly recommended.  

Deadline for applications is now postponed to December 15th. Applications which should reach us after this date will not be taken into consideration. Candidates will be informed of the acceptance/reject of their application in the first half of January 2024.



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